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Next Safety and Field Marshal meeting will be: Saturday, May 2nd at 9am

2015 Membership Application Available [HERE]

President's Message

Hello to all. This is my inaugural message as president of OCRCC! For me it is a sincere honor to be President and more importantly involved with club operations. I have met a great many very nice and interesting people of all ages and all walks of life. I have gotten to know many of them much better and I continue to meet new members and interested onlookers almost every time I go out to the field. I was discussing with another board member how many people were out last weekend and that what is funny, is that while there were probably 30 or more cars, sometimes there were just 2 people flying! The rest were all visiting with each other, telling tall tales, commiserating about crashes, repairing planes, and just basically enjoying the social aspects of being a member of a fantastic flying club, on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of winter in Orange County. We are very lucky!!

I have stopped and quizzed a number of unfamiliar onlookers recently about what they were there for and quickly invited them to sit at the tables and enjoy the flight line. Most of them had planes that they wanted to fly, all had either joined the club or were in the process of joining, and many needed a little or a little more coaching to nudge them into the sport. We are always looking for new members. Try to make anyone that comes by feel welcome and see what they need and we as a club will do our best to take care of them and make them feel at home. It is great to see new faces of all ages!

On the subject of new members, it is mandatory that all flyers have current AMA membership, (for insurance), have the current OCRCC badge on display on their person while on the flight line, complete with their wings sticker or imprint, and the soon to be applied safety meeting attendance sticker. This is the only way that any field marshal can confirm that you are eligible to fly. This is not only to satisfy Great Park Policy, but is also to meet Club and AMA safety guidelines. We need to be able to easily discern whoever is flying is current with all of the requirements. The badge does this at a glance.

Just to share with the membership, a few costs that are fixed that the club has to bear are:
Site rental: $2,500 (annually)
Monthly meeting room rental: $120 (monthly) $1,320 (annually)
Garbage Bin rental & trash collection: $950 (annually)
Storage Bin: $1,050 (annually)
Sanitation: $2,500 (annually)
These items account for about 60% of our total budget. I assure you that we as the board monitor these costs very closely and consider alternative ways to save money but it is tough. We are aware that other clubs cost less to be members of. I have visited some other clubs and it seems that some of them have greater membership numbers; many have access to public toilets and garbage collection, don't have a storage bin, and may pay less for site rental. I don't know of many that allow you to back your car up to the flight line and push your plane 20 feet and start flying. That is the ultimate in convenience. And we are very active with the local community and provide instruction. All this costs money. But it does pay dividends in our continued access to the Great Park..

We have a number of upcoming events that our club is associated with. Greg Stone will outline those later in the newsletter, but the significant dates to put on your calendar are January 31st. Feb 4th, and 8thas far as the safety meetings are concerned. Even if you are not going to fly until later this year, or know someone who is just getting started, be sure to attend one of these and get your name on the list so that when you have you badge and you are ready to go, all of the sticker requirements will be have been met.

Happy flying and here's to 2015!

Dave Kadonoff, President

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Membership Forms

Problem with membership application form has been corrected. Application form is available HERE.

Flight Training

Flight training is available on the first Saturday of the month. This training is first come, first serve with signups in person on the morning of the training. Each student must sign in at the table. Club instructors will be available and will be wearing green "Club Instructor" badges.

See the Instructors page for link to email your request for instruction.

Flying Field Status

Flying field is open daily until sunset. See the Club Info page for an overhead map showing the location and directions to the new site.

Club Meetings:

7PM first Monday of the month:
Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center in Mission Viejo. The address is 24932 VeteransWay, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.

Weather station link: [OCRCC Weather]

AT6 Texan has been used extensively in air races. Highly modified ones such as this are seen at racing circuits hitting speed in excess of 100mph!

F16 models such as this have been popularized with advancements in electric ducted fan (EDF) technology. This particular model can reach speed of 140mph!

This is a highly sophisticated micro RC helicopter, Align T-Rex 250. Capable of full 3D aerobatic routine, yet small enough to fit on the palm of your hand!

One of the more popular scale warbird at the field, F4U Corsair, has distinctive gull wings. This is an all foam E-Flight model coming in for landing.

Truly a classic, the Cessna Skylane 182 was introduced in 1956 and has taught tens of thousands how to fly. This scaled version is also a good trainer for the RC pilots.

This Andrew Jesky designed "Slick" is a high performance 3D aerobatic plane. In the hands of capable pilots they can perform just about any manuevers.

One of the more well known axis warbird of the World War II era, German FW-190, makes its way onto the Great Park taxi way.

A great racers of 1930, the Granville Brothers Gee Bee, is faithfully reproduced by this scale model kit.

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