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Next Safety and Field Marshal meeting will be: Saturday, October 24th, at 8am

2015 Membership Application Available [HERE]

President's Message

We want to welcome Steve Zingali of Z's Planet Garage to the Board of directors! Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate Steve. The Boards monthly meetings address a wide range of topics which can include financial considerations, Great Park issues, new member and training issues, community events/relations, the monthly meeting and raffle, presenters, and a variety of other topics that surface on an ongoing basis. Having an engaged board allows the club to exist and deal with changing issues that affect us all. Thanks goes out to all board members (and former members) who volunteer their time and efforts to continue the success of the club. And another special thanks goes out to Tommy Hue for his monthly work on the newsletter.

We wish Gene DeYoung a speedy and smooth recovery from his back surgery.

We have been actively trying to stay on top of the weed situation at the field. After spending so much money for the new runway I would hate to see it start cracking from weeds getting under it. The rain promotes this growth, and we need the rain, but the downside is more weeds!! Weed killers are expensive and we have found that water softener salt, water, and a little dish soap to adhere the brine to the leaves seems to be doing a great job! Feel free to grab the pump sprayer and do some spraying if you have time.

Last Sunday was a fantastic day with new potential members coming out, some students, endless entertainment including midair's and crashes, and some practice Pitts pylon heats. Entertainment galore as several Pitts went in during the heats and one even struck a pylon dead on and knocked it down! It now needs a nose job!

Thanks also to the members who volunteered to support the Scout Jamboree at Blackstar. The publicity we get from these events is truly priceless and puts us in good stead with local agencies that can and do impact our clubs future.

And I continue to receive calls and emails from prospective members wishing to join our club so this is very encouraging.

Visit the web site at to see an updated set of rules concerning new membership. We hope these explain in more concise detail the steps needed to be taken to become a full-fledged member of OCRCC and what both the general membership should expect of new members, and what new members should expect as they transition from novice to flyers to flying solo with their "Wings" and safety stickers.

The next safety meeting will be on Saturday June 13th at 9 am. A box will be placed on the table to place your badge in and you should write your name on the list if you have not yet received your 2015 badge. The box and list will be sealed at 9:10. If your information is not inside, you will not be eligible to receive credit for this meeting and must attend the next. You are required to participate in the entire presentation. Inform everyone you think of that may need to attend. This is posted on our site as well. Get your name on the list even if you don't have a badge so you will be good to go when you do get your membership badge.

Safe and fun flying everyone!

Dave Kadonoff, President

Email Dave Kadonoff



Membership Forms

Problem with membership application form has been corrected. Application form is available HERE.

Flight Training

Flight training is available on the first Saturday of the month. This training is first come, first serve with signups in person on the morning of the training. Each student must sign in at the table. Club instructors will be available and will be wearing green "Club Instructor" badges.

See the Instructors page for link to email your request for instruction.

Flying Field Status

Flying field is open daily until sunset. See the Club Info page for an overhead map showing the location and directions to the new site.

Club Meetings:

7PM first Monday of the month:
Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center in Mission Viejo. The address is 24932 VeteransWay, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.

Weather station link: [OCRCC Weather]

AT6 Texan has been used extensively in air races. Highly modified ones such as this are seen at racing circuits hitting speed in excess of 100mph!

F16 models such as this have been popularized with advancements in electric ducted fan (EDF) technology. This particular model can reach speed of 140mph!

This is a highly sophisticated micro RC helicopter, Align T-Rex 250. Capable of full 3D aerobatic routine, yet small enough to fit on the palm of your hand!

One of the more popular scale warbird at the field, F4U Corsair, has distinctive gull wings. This is an all foam E-Flight model coming in for landing.

Truly a classic, the Cessna Skylane 182 was introduced in 1956 and has taught tens of thousands how to fly. This scaled version is also a good trainer for the RC pilots.

This Andrew Jesky designed "Slick" is a high performance 3D aerobatic plane. In the hands of capable pilots they can perform just about any manuevers.

One of the more well known axis warbird of the World War II era, German FW-190, makes its way onto the Great Park taxi way.

A great racers of 1930, the Granville Brothers Gee Bee, is faithfully reproduced by this scale model kit.

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June 24, 2014