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President's Message

Hello all,

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful California sunshine! They say it never rains in California, I beg to differ.

We are back to our normal configuration. Construction and other personnel may be around periodically so be aware to keep aircraft away from them. Please make sure to keep your airplanes and helicopters in their respective boundaries and watch for construction traffic as well as personnel. We are in talks to secure a new site and it is important that we maintain our usual standards of safety.

March 22nd was the Up in the Air Festival at the Norman P. Murray center in Mission Viejo. The festival was held on the green and wa s a fun mix of all things that fly. As in previous years we were flying and running a booth. We had volunteers to help in the booth, making foam plate gliders (FPGs).

Spring and summer are around the corner which means lots of fun flying events and contests. If you've never been to a big flying event you should try to make it out to a few this year. There are many different types of flying events, ranging from scale to 3D with everything in between (even those loud EDFs).

I've been to a few across the country and I have met some great people and seen some amazing flying. If you're thinking about adding a precision element into your flying routine check out IMAC or Pattern contests. Don't forget Pylon and Soaring for you speed and altitude freaks! Check it out and make this year, the year you take it to the next level.

Last month we had our annual safety meetings. The meetings were well attended and hopefully you got something out of it. I try to keep the meetings light but get the rules across in a way that keeps it interesting. Don't forget that to fly at our field you must have a badge with the green wings sticker and the red safety sticker. If you do not have both stickers you may not fly without a spotter, your spotter must have both as well

Thank you and happy flying!

Robert Cantu, President
Email president@ocrcc.com



Membership Forms

Problem with membership application form has been corrected. Application form is available HERE.

Flight Training

Flight training is available on the first Saturday and first Wednesday of the month. This training is first come, first serve with signups in person on the morning of the training. Each student must sign in at the table. Club instructors will be available and will be wearing green "Club Instructor" badges.

Flying Field Status

Field is open everyday with the presence of a field marshal.

Club Meeting

Next club meeting is at 7PM every first Monday of the Month at Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center in Mission Viejo. The address is 24932 VeteransWay, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.

AT6 Texan has been used extensively in air races. Highly modified ones such as this are seen at racing circuits hitting speed in excess of 100mph!

F16 models such as this have been popularized with advancements in electric ducted fan (EDF) technology. This particular model can reach speed of 140mph!

This is a highly sophisticated micro RC helicopter, Align T-Rex 250. Capable of full 3D aerobatic routine, yet small enough to fit on the palm of your hand!

One of the more popular scale warbird at the field, F4U Corsair, has distinctive gull wings. This is an all foam E-Flight model coming in for landing.

Truely a classic, the Cessna Skylane 182 was introduced in 1956 and has taught tens of thousands how to fly. This scaled version is also a good trainer for the RC pilots.

This Andrew Jesky designed "Slick" is a high performance 3D aerobatic plane. In the hands of capable pilots they can perform just about any manuevers.

One of the more well known axis warbird of the World War II era, German FW-190, makes its way onto the Great Park taxi way.

A great racers of 1930, the Granville Brothers Gee Bee, is faithfully reproduced by this scale model kit.

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April 22, 2014