Follow these steps to become OCRCC member

Join AMA at  Get this done right away.  Valid AMA memberships for becoming OCRCC member are Full Membership Program or Park Pilot Program (Park Pilot Program has aircraft restrictions, we recommend that you obtain the full membership).

While you will receive an online confirmation, we cannot process your OCRCC membership until a valid AMA number has been received.  It will take 2 to 4 weeks to receive your AMA card with number. Your AMA membership must be valid through the end of the calendar year.  This requirement is due to insurance mandate to fly at the Great Park.

Join OCRCC by filling out online application. Fill out all of the necessary fields and upload a clear face photo of yourself.
Mail Club Dues to (Make check payable to OCRCC):

OCRCC – Attn: Greg Stone
P.O. Box 28303
Anaheim, CA 92809

Note: Membership badge cannot be issued until: receipt of application, photo, valid AMA number and payment of dues.

Acquire an ABC rated fire extinguisher and bring it with you every time you come out to fly.  Fire extinguisher must be next to your car and easily accessible when you fly.

If you need training, use our website to schedule an appointment. You are always welcome to come out when members are present to ask questions and learn procedures.

You are required to pass the Wings test before you can fly on your own. During the Wings test will be asked to demonstrate understanding of lipo battery management, aircraft control and procedures, flight line communication, flight boundaries etc.

To arrange the Wings test, please speak with an instructor at the field. Once you have passed Wings test you will receive a Green sticker to identify that you have successfully completed this requirement.

You must attend an annual Safety Meeting and sign the club’s waiver. Safety Meetings are conducted 4 to 6 times per year. We encourage everyone to attend Safety meeting and get your name on the list even if you are going to join OCRCC club later in the year, just to have this requirement completed.

Once you complete the steps, you will receive the lock code to our filed’s bin container and can fly at the Great Park site on your own. Our field is monitored by the Irvine Police Department, and any non-members flying without a member present are promptly expelled.

Please remember that we are bound by the rules of the Great Park and safe flying is our prime concern. Insurance is mandated and we are bound to follow specific procedures. You cannot fly by yourself until all these steps are completed.